Our mission is to offer you an unrivalled
experience when you visit the
historic city of Lincoln


Our experts are at the heart of Hidden Lincoln. Our intimate knowledge of the City and its surroundings guarantees you a special experience and memorable visit.

Ivan Annibal

Ivan has a history degree and an interest in Lincoln’s heritage and treasures. He is a visiting fellow at Lincoln and Nottingham Trent universities and a Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts.

Shasta Rovezzano

Shasta has a first class honours degree in Heritage Studies and an interest in furniture design history and antiques restoration. She is also a visiting tutor at Bishop Grosseteste University.

Marianne Wilson

Marianne has a PhD in late medieval history and teaches at university level. A committee member of the Lincoln Record Society, she enjoys exploring new perspectives on medieval Lincolnshire.

Jessica Sellick

Jessica has a PhD in geographical sciences. She is interested in overlooked sites of special interest that focus on narratives, tales, memories and material remains from Lincolnshire’s past.


We are proud of our partners, who work with us to ensure our tours are extra special