“There are also figured bosses and their quality is also outstanding. One has a pair of wrestlers – one good, one evil? their bodies modelled with supreme realism and the finest feeling for skin and muscle…”

This description of one of the roof bosses in the Angel Choir at the east end of the Cathedral built after 1250 to house the remains of St Hugh is breathtaking. It comes of course from Pevsner’s “The Buildings of England.” Many people do not know that the Cathedral was significantly extended to about a third of its current length to accommodate St Hugh’s tomb. The imp, a scary cadaver tomb, of Bishop Fleming founder of Lincoln College Oxford, the “innards” of Eleanor of Castile (wife of Edward I) and Duncan Grants fabulous 1950s fresco all sit in this part of the wonderful building.

Next time you venture in, in addition to looking at the wonderful memorial to Gilbert of Sempringham shown in this picture look up, you’ll not only see the aforementioned wrestlers but the 28 Angels who give the choir its name.