On Sunday we ran a tour on the significance of Lincolnshire in the story of Magna Carta. We started at Langton by Wragby birthplace of child prodigy Stephen Langton

Stephen Langton, Archbishop of Canterbury was born around 1150 probably at this moated site of a former manor house 11 miles from Lincoln. A child of great learning he left Lincoln to study in Paris at the age of 15. The current occupants one of whom was born here gave us a great tour of the site and helped us understand the significance of the church, which post dates him, with its oldest feature a 14 century tower. Langton was the key clerical power broker around the great charter.

We then went onto the cathedral and looked at the probable burial place of Bishop Hugh of Wells who was at the signing of the document at Runnymede in 1215 in the Cathedral.

We then went to the castle to see 1215 Magna Carta, 1217 Charter of the Forest and 1225 re-issue of Magna Carta 3 of the most important documents of liberty in the world.

Not bad for one day also involving a lunch of Lincolnshire produce and a cream tea.