I whizz past Langton by Wragby every time I head to the Lincolnshire coast. It flashes past in a few moments on the road to Skegness. On Saturday I took a more sedate trip. I was looking for reminders of Stephen Langton….

Stephen Langton was the Archbishop who played a key role in the development of Magna Carta. He was a Lincolnshire man and we have very good evidence that he lived in the still moated house next to the present church. The field next door has some interesting humps and hollows which suggest a bigger estate once stood on the site. Across the road you can very clearly see the medieval ridge and furrow “corduroy” texture of a well ploughed landscape. At Stephen’s time one man could achieve an acre a day. No wonder medieval peasants look so thin!

Stephen was educated in Paris, a distant cry from this little oasis of bucolic English landscape and went on to be a major player in ecclesiastical and political circles. We missed the stained glass window and carvings in the church which commemorate him because it had a wedding in full swing.

On Monday I made more progress on his trail chasing down his seal which is on display at the Wren Library in the Cathedral and then viewing Magna Carta itself at the fab exhibition, where it is on display with the 1217 Charter of the Forests and the 1225 re-issue of Magna Carta in Lincoln castle.

Stepping out into the pouring rain I thought of William the Marshall, Louis the Lion and the 1217 battle of Lincoln Fair which raged in the very streets stretching away before me. But thats another story…….