Next time you’re in Lincoln walk from Newport arch to 44 steep hill. Re-trace your steps through Exchequergate, past the west front of the Cathedral and down to Eastgate, stop by the entrance to the Lincoln Hotel. Turn around and walk down Eastgate turn left onto Bailgate then turn right at the top of Steep Hill and carry on through to the Westgate of the castle. You have just navigated the four main entrances to uphill Roman Lincoln. As you look out from the Westgate to the left just by the corner of the Lawn you may well be gazing on the site of the lost Roman ampitheatre.

If you look behind the Castle Hotel you’ll see the massive Mint Wall nearly 2o ft high and once part of the rear end of the Roman Basilica or Town Hall. If you pace out the column markings on Bailgate from the picture in this article to opposite the Whiskey Shop you will traverse 84 metres.

If you stroll down Motherby Lane to the City Council you’ll be following the line of the Roman wall which had another Westgate here. The lower Eastgate is underneath Royal Bank of Scotland. You can carry on down High Street from the Stonebow and only once you get to Brayford Pool are you reaching the walled limits of Lincoln. Just shows you what a massive settlement this was. It was at the crossing of the Fosse Way and Ermine Street, Brayford Pool was the watery junction box of the Fossdyke link to the North Sea going west and to the Wash going east via the Witham.

Romans were buried on Monson Street at the start of lower High Street and the first known Roman Dweller of Lincoln Caius Veralius (standard bearer of the 9th Legion) was buried on South Common. This was no small Roman City!!!