In 1739 Lincoln was the scene of a breathtaking stunt. The picture accompanying this story, painted from close by the Black Boy Inn which features in the story gives you a queasy sense of what it involved. This account written 30 years later tells us how:

“In the year 1739 a man named Robert Cadman did “fly” or descend on his breast, from one of the towers of the Cathedral by means of a rope, which he had fixed to it, which rope was brought down to the Castle Hill, near the Black Boy Inn.“Description of Lincoln containing some account of its antiquities, buildings etc, particularly the Cathedral.” Drury and Son 1761

Sadly Cadman lost his life the following year when in a similar stunt in Shrewsbury the rope he was “flying” down snapped. His body was travelling with such velocity it seemed to horrified spectators to bounce.

I don’t this Ill walk through the Bail again without getting a sense of the awesome bravery of this man of whom no detailed remembrance is recorded in the town.